Involve Film Marketing is a consultancy dedicated to creating bespoke and innovative marketing strategies for feature, documentary and short films.

Supporting filmmakers to find the best possible approach to promote and distribute their film utilising business to business relationships.


From script through to completion of the film, Involve will work with

you to formulate a specific marketing plan and help to provide the

optimum route to your potential audience.

Through film festival premiere, traditional distribution or alternative

digital platforms, Involve will work closely with industry contacts to

maximise opportunities with the aim to see your film reach its full

potential; helping you build your career and recoup investment.

Services - Marketing

Analysis of pitch material such as poster campaign, log line

and written documents.

Advise on promotional material including trailers, additional footage, stills, behind the scenes, etc.

Input on creative marketing options and branding.

Plan and oversee online strategy.

Services - Distribution options

Realistic assessment of the film’s potential in the domestic and international film markets, including how and when to approach

the market with your film.

Advice on the right festival for your film, at home and abroad,

and formulating a plan on who, how and when to approach.

Professional advice on domestic distributors, sales agents and

digital distribution.

Event releasing.

Utilising digital platforms to make them work for you.

The pros and cons of self-distribution.


mob: +44(0)7720 247070


Claire Battersby

I have worked in the independent film industry

for over 15 years, in Los Angeles and in London.  Involve combines my film marketing experience

with the exciting emerging opportunities for promoting and distributing independent films.

Marketing For Distribution

Film Expo South, Southampton

4th February, 2016